nie nie birthday

It’s a great celebrations 😛 first birthday celebration with bear bear 🙂

although the food is not so nice … BUT the ‘people’ and the environment is so NICE.. thumbs up!

Erm.. asking bear bear post it out and share out the photo .. 😛 i don’t 12 write it out myself.. hehe 😛

Hehe…is my turn…(K.C)

The place we go to is Thai Restaurant in Auto City. Haha……the Food is really no nice…… 🙁 But the environment is OK 🙂 But no next time. Here is some picture, but without the food picture which is no recommend. After that, I plan to go 369(which is perai beach last time) ….haha….but it already become highway, OMG, just know that never been there for 7 years….. 🙂