Suntech World Cup Contest

Unbelievable!!!!!! Nie nie win the Suntech World Cup Contest, she in 5th place out of 20 winner. 🙂 haha….sure many people wonder why a girl (who even do not know how many player on one game) can win this contest. 🙂

The Prize: Adidas World Cup 2010 (England)

All the prizes

Winner of the Suntech World Cup Competition

Annie : Hope I can win the contest next year.
KC : ……………….

Let hope FIFA will change their mind to have World Cup every year. 🙂

Dinner at Clinic Cafe

Ho Ho Ho…..long time no go out liao….so this time we go have a dinner in special restaurant. Is called Clinic cafe which is a cafe based on the clinic concept. All waiter all act as doctor or nurse, you food will served with blood (Chilli source) 🙂 Anyway, we both do have fun time in clinic cafe although the food not so good after all. 😛

More information about the Clinic Cafe, can visit my blog