KungFu Panda 2

eeeeeeeeeeeee….. hehe

Who knows me well will know I’m like panda very much 🙂

I have many panda related souvenir from my lovely friends, colleague and of course be@rbe@r.

You can see our Kanda house’s sliding door also with panda view as here .

Back to the topic. Yes, be@rbe@r bring me to TGV watch KungFu panda as he said the tumbo only sell at selected cinema.

We went there during last Friday.  The traffic condition is really bad than what we predict 🙁 stuck at QB there more than 15mins and we can see still long Q. At first I suggest be@rbe@r to watch it QB mall. As we need to reach TGV before 6.30pm. But he insist to bring me to TGV =b I know what is the reason behind. As he know me very well, I’m so hunted for Panda tumbo =b Thanks be@rbe@r.

At the end we reach there before the movie screen =b. Still got time have our favorite foods and beverages which is Roti boy + Coffee.

I’m enjoy the movie so much =p Laugh from the beginning till the end of the movie.